Art inspired by Texas

Posted by Tammy

Well - I finally got my art scanned in! I did only a little bit of art while on the trip, but I have tons of ideas based on things we did! I haven't had time to do any of it yet though.

My favorite part of the trip, by far, was the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. They were simply amazing. We were there before everything was really bloomed out, so I can only imagine what they will look like soon!

My favorite part of the gardens was the Japanese Gardens. It was so incredibly peaceful there. My first ATC card is my adaptation of a pagoda surrounded by red bud trees. It's a bit abstract since that is my forte, but it really does look like one of the decorative pagodas in and around the garden.

The next card inspired by the gardens is a little out of my normal comfort zone! I attempted a scene! It is a view of the path through the trellises. There were trellises in abundance covered in glorious flowers and vines! Wysteria being what had just bloomed out! Lush and wonderful! I'm not totally happy with how this one turned out, but I did have fun attempting it. And, I think you can pretty much tell what I was going for! It's a nice reminder, at the very least, of the gardens!

I decided for the next card that I had to pay homage to the Texas state flag, which is everywhere on everything! I gave it my own spin and I think it's fun! The flag itself is, in my opinion, pretty boring. I mean, come on - be a little inventive! So, I changed up the colors by adding the silver and I made it swirly instead of all straight lines. I like it better! I'm guessing the Texans won't agree, but hey, it's fun!

The only other card I did was just a doodle while Mike and his friend Danny were doing their Reiki thing. It's a lot like other stuff I've done, but this one got a smear of silver on it from the flag card... makes it unique.

That's it for now - I'll have much more to share about the trip - especially when I get the photos uploaded! Hopefully, I will have some more Texas inspired art to share as well!

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MARYBETH said...

"The stars at night are clear and bright (clap clap clap ) deep in the heart of Texas!"
I love your mini ATC creations!
Your swirly's are way to cool -you should doodle often =)
I want to switch to Flikr , but on my dial up it takes foreveeeeer to upload pics =/
I look forward to seeing more of your journey!

Turtle Jones said...

Tammy, I *love* your new ATCs. The swirly one is my favorite ;)

-Shelly C. :)

Ruth said...

Tammy how cool you took the time to capture these on paper. Love your lacy doodle swirls especially..keep doodling girl. How about commiting this one to canvas?

You are really coming into your own charming style and I'm very proud of you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

Peace out, ruth

Ruth said...

Ooops I forgot to say...your blog is looking Grrrreat!!! Bright and colorful...and full of inspiration.

We gotta talk about your moon phase link...I love that.

Glad your back, I missed you.
Love, ruth

Tammy said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm glad to be back at it! I missed blogging while I was gone!

Hopefully I'll have some photos to post later today!

Funny that you all like the swirly one best. It's my least favorite. I did have fun making it though...

I hadn't thought about painting it Ruth, but that's a great idea! It's been too long since I painted anything.

The moon phases are easy, I can definitely help with that - drop me a line when you're ready! :)