Trip photos finally!!

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I have finally gotten pictures of the trip loaded! Yay! We took some really great pictures. Most of them are (big surprise) of the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. It was by far my favorite part of the trip.

Our first stop on the trip was at Mt. Capulin in New Mexico. It is an extinct volcano that you can drive up and then hike around the rim. We didn't do the entire hike - it was WAY windy, but the view from the top was just amazing! The landscape looks so different from up top - you can see the influence of the volcanic eruptions on the patterns in the land. This was a worthwhile detour from our driving!

We didn't make it all the way to Fort Worth the first day, but rolled into town around noon on Sunday. We spent the rest of that day hanging out with Mike's friends Tom, Jeff, and Jeff's girlfriend Sarena. It was nice to meet Jeff and Tom, both of whom I'd talked to on the phone, but not met in person yet! Sarena and Jeff met on eharmony.com like Mike and I did. They are planning to come visit us in Colorado sometime! I heard lots of stories about Mike from his friends! :)

On Monday, we spent almost the entire day at the Botanic Gardens. Mike and I spent some time alone just wandering the rose garden. Then we met up with Tom, his wife Crystal, and Jeff and spent the rest of the time in the Japanese Gardens. I am amazed by the beauty there. I could literally spend hours just sitting and watching or drawing. I wish there was a place like this closer to home! The koi goldfish were very fun to watch and to feed. I even attempted to "pet" them - a little slimy in my opinion! Mike and I went back to the Japanese Gardens on Wednesday before leaving for Austin.

On Tuesday, we had lunch with Mike's mom. I had talked to her on the phone but this was the first meeting... it was a little tense. I knew that it might not go well, but it was harder than I expected. His mom isn't altogether well, so it was hard to know how to interact with her. She was upset that we were only there for an afternoon. But, the meeting is done, and we can move on now.

Austin was lovely as well - if more humid than Fort Worth. We spent two nights with Mike's friend Paul in his wonderful home! (No photos!...) We also went to Mike's favorite place in Austin - Hamilton Pool with Paul. It is a short hike back to this natural pool. It is gorgeous! The water flowing in was barely a trickle, but it was still an amazing place. It is another place I could just sit for hours!

We spent Friday with Mike's friend Danny. Mike gave Danny a Level 3 Reiki Attunement. Mike also did a healing attunement on me. It was pretty powerful energy work. While they were doing their Reiki thing, I did my drawing! Friday evening was an interesting one. We went with Danny to a Deeksha energy meditation session. Deeksha is sanskrit for benediction. It is a transfer of Divine energy destined to bring enlightenment. www.trueawakenings.org It was a very powerful energy filled evening. I was quite overwhelmed by the energy I felt from the energy transfer. Prior to the transfer, we did a guided chakra meditation that was also quite powerful. I am still processing what happened, but overall it was a positive experience and I feel like I will see some changes based on what happened.

I posted more photos of the trip at my yahoo photos - go here to see them!

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Kellie said...

What beautiful photos!! I wish my yard could look like this. Thanks for sharing them!

Tammy said...

I wish my yard looked like this too! I aspire to that someday - I want a beautiful flowery yard! I'm getting excited to plant new flowers at my new house soon!