Missing a piece of my heart

Posted by Tammy

My aunt Charlene passed away Sunday morning. She was 2 weeks short of her 71st birthday.

I did get to see her in the hospital on Saturday and for that I'm glad. She was unresponsive at that point, but she knew we were there.

I am so sad - not only for myself, but for my whole family. Charlene was the glue that kept us together after Grandmother and Grandaddy died. Who will do that now?

Uncle Stanley is so sad. He called me last night. It was hard to talk to him, but I'm glad he called. He is missing her already. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary a month or so ago. It is hard to imagine how hard it is to lose a spouse you've spent that many years with.

This art is an older piece that I did in a touch drawing group. Somehow, it seems appropriate to post here.

I may be a bit absent in blogging this week, but I shall return. Keep me and my family in your thoughts.

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MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
I will be holding You and your in thoughts and prayer.