Spring ATCs - Dedicated to Aunt Charlene

Posted by Tammy

I made these bright and cheery ATCs over the weekend. I needed some down time following Aunt Charlene's funeral and all the family time. What better way to unwind and try to relax than to play with bright, fun colors and patterns!

I really love how all four of these turned out. It was relaxing to just follow the patterns, changing colors and winding around. The one to the left is my favorite of the bunch. I like the angles and curves combined. Three of these will be for a swap in my Sharpie group - Spring Fling. I'm not sure about the other one - and I'm not sure which three will go yet!

I'm also working on cards for another Sharpie swap. It is called the "masterpiece swap". We're taking well known works of art and re-creating them using Sharpies. Putting our own spin on them! It is a challenge for sure. I have one done, and a second underway. I'll post them once I have them all done. I tell you - a Sharpie addiction is hard to feed. I can't seem to put the markers down once I've started on something! I didn't get my laundry finished this weekend because I was "sharpie-izing". Oh, well - it is fun and relaxing - so that's a GOOD thing!

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Ruth said...

Oh Tammy..these are wonderful. I can see your heart was filled with emotions when you created them. Even though you were coming from a mourning place...they are not sad or mournful..but bright and cheerful in nature...surely as your Aunt Charlene would want you to be.
Just one little mommie note...please use these markers in a well ventilated area...no matter if they are odorless...it's just masked...toxin's are still there. Maybe they are new and improved, I don't know, just be careful.

Tammy said...

I wasn't sad when I was doing them either. I remembered on Thursday, right after the funeral, that Aunt Charlene had given me a flat piece of marble that she wanted me to paint on - I never did it before she died. It made me sad, but also made me realize I can continue to do my art and have fun with it in her honor. She loved what I did, and would be glad to know I'm continuing with it!

Tammy (and I will paint on the marble - just not yet.)

Tammy said...

Oh - and no worries about the smell - our house is very open and ventilated. I never work on my art in a closed up space! Thanks for the mommie concern!


krystin said...

I love the two ATC's that have both the flower blossoms, and the sharp angles of the leaves! Very beautiful.... thanks for sharing.

Keeping you & your family in my prayers,


katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Lovely ATCs! :D
Thanks for stopping by my blog, & good luck with the photoshop challenge! I struggled a little with it too, I had to try several different pictures before I found one that "worked". It is fun though :) Keep at it!