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I have disappeared for a few days. I wound up contracting bronchitis and have been recovering! I had a long weekend to help out! I'm feeling much better - still coughing, but so much less!

I didn't get much creating done over the weekend. I laid low and read a lot, and we watched a couple movies.

I did try out the Try It Tuesday technique from last week. I made several of the transfers and I am planning to try incorporating them into collages this week! It is a fun process of taking a printed image and making it into a clear transparency! Easy process and amazing results! I will be using this one often!

I'll be back with more art to post later in the week! Keep creating!Categories: misc_

2 Opinions:

Ruth said...

I'm glad you're feeling better !!!!

Tammy said...

Pshew! So am I!! That was a yucky one - really took it out of me. I think I'm back to my "normal" self finally! :)