Myth Swap ATCs

Posted by Tammy

Ok - I have to mail these off SOON, but here are the cards I made for a "myth" themed swap on my Sharpie group.

I'm stretching things a bit with a couple of these, but as it was an optional theme, I figured it was ok!

My first one is a rendering of a Celtic Cross. You can't get a whole lot more mythological in my mind than all things Celtic. I had a picture that I was looking at to do this one. It wasn't easy, but it wound up not being as hard as I had imagined. I am thinking of adding a Gaelic phrase to this one, but probably will leave as is...

The next one I did is a stretch as far as mythology, but it kept popping into my head, so I went with it. I LOVED Cinderella as a kid - the whole fairy tale story appeals to me. So, I did a version of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. While it's not a myth, it is a wonderful story that has been passed through centuries and has survived many retellings.

The next one I attempted (and actually really love!) is a dragon. What better mythological creature to "sharpie-ize" than a dragon. I used a background that I created using the "Try It Tuesdays" technique I blogged about a few days ago. This is on watercolor paper. I just cut it down to ATC size! He's drawn in with a black sharpie! He makes me smile - I called him "Dreamy Dragon".

My final Myth card is truly a stretch, but it was so funny I couldn't Not do it! I don't know if anyone remembers this but me, but there is a bit in the old Muppet Movie where Kermit is trying to tell someone about a myth - the guy keeps being confused, and Kermit is saying, "Myth... Myth" to try and get his point across. Then a young woman pokes her head around the corner and says, "Yeth?" For whatever reason, this popped for me and I just HAD to make a Kermit myth card! :)Categories: atcs_, art_

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MARYBETH said...

Hi (((TAMMY)))
oh the CELTIC design caught my Irish eyes and blood right away!
IT is wonderful the way you are experimenting with so many different groups and ideas!

Tammy said...

Thank you MB! I love any and all things Celtic! And this one turned out pretty fun!

I am having fun. These online groups help keep me motivated and inspired, and prompt me to try new things that I wouldn't have done otherwise! Love it!!


Chel said...


Tammy said...

Yay! Glad you like them Chel! I had FUN doing them! I wish I'd had time to do a few more, but I pushed the deadline too close. They are on the way to you! :) Can't wait for returns now!