Mixed Media Collage - Make Time

Posted by Tammy

This was FUN!! I used one of the canvases I created for Try It Tuesday last week to make a mixed media collage.

It is titled "Make Time" - something I think we all need to remember... make time to imagine, love, laugh, and smile - among many other things!

This collage isn't going to stay with me but will soon be winging its way to my Sprite of Spring from the Artella site!

I used funky paper, magazine images, stickers and fibers all adhered with a matte gel medium. I really do love how this turned out! It was a departure for me - again - I've never done anything quite like this, but loved the process and the end result!!

My original "blank" canvas is below - so you can see what was added/changed!Categories: art_

3 Opinions:

~jolene said...

Wonderful collage!
And I LOVELOVELOVE your new header! WOW!

Tammy said...

Thanks Jolene!

I had fun with the header. I like change, so I tend to play and mess things around on my blog a lot! I'm learning all sorts of fun new photoshop stuff in the process too!


Anonymous said...

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