Creative Superhero Self

Posted by Tammy

Well, I have no new art to post, but that's not because I haven't been doing anything! I have... it's just not finished yet. I am obsessing about it!!! It is a 9 x 12 sheet of 100# Bristol that I am covering with random designs done in black sharpie. It is obsessive, but oh so fun! Very intricate and tiny details... I don't know what possessed me to go away from my current obsession of the small ATC designs. Once I started on this larger piece, I couldn't stop though!

Hopefully I'll have a finished product that I can post here for you all to see next week!

In the meantime, I thought I would share another of my favorite touch drawings. This one is an interesting piece. It is deeply meaningful to me! The process on this one was a little different than the last piece I posted - same basic process of course, but the feeling of it was so different! I did NOT like this piece originally. It wasn't at all what I had envisioned (even though touch drawings rarely come out as you wanted - you come close many times...) I set this one aside as a failed attempt. THEN - way after the touch drawing class ended, I decided to take this one and alter it.

What I came up with I call my "Creative Superhero Self". She is me, being at my creative best - growing, and challenging herself to do more! I have copies of this drawing everywhere! She inspires me to be at my creative best (which I am beginning to do more often than not now!)

The altering process was supremely gratifying. I had a drawing that I didn't like at all and wound up with a finished product that I truly love.

The words all have meaning as well. "Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams" - something ALL of us need to remember!

"Dwell in Possibility" - a huge one for me - there exists so much possibility for me that I forget to think about and work toward!

"It's a feeling in your soul"... isn't it though?!

"Anything but ordinary" - I've been told I was ordinary many times in my life and finally, I'm beginning to realize that I am definitely not ordinary. I am extraordinary in fact! And I'm learning to tell myself that and really believe it!

And "Growing" - perhaps the most important word. I was then, and am still, growing into the creative self I am and want to be. I will keep growing - but now I KNOW what I'm growing towards!

This piece is perhaps the most important thing to me that I have created so far. I see it every day, and it inspires me!

2 Opinions:

nici said...

I love this one,the colors are so calming!

Tammy said...

Thanks Nici - maybe that's why I am drawn to using similar colors often - they calm me down!