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This post isn't about my art, but it is near to my heart!!

On one of my yahoo groups today a "question of the week" was posed this morning.

"What is your favorite childhood memory ~ having to do with food ~ i.e. special breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a confection or concoction?" (cookies, candies, cakes, pies, cobblers) Give as many details as you can remember..."

My answer brought memories flooding back!

I was lucky enough to live quite close to my dad's parents while I was growing up. It was big treats to get to spend the night at Grandmother and Grandaddy's house!

There are several food related memories I have of the times I stayed there. Probably the most vivid is the candy corn. Most people only eat candy corn around Halloween, but my Grandaddy ate it all the time. He loved it. He always had some in his pocket to hand out to grandchildren! There was also a candy dish full of it on the corner of the kitchen counter.

Along with candy corn there was always a bowl of Brach's (always the good ones!) jelly beans. Grandaddy knew that I liked the black ones best so he always saved them out for me and typically had a handful for me!

Then there were the cookies. Grandmother made the BEST cookies! My favorites were her rice krispie treats. I don't know what she did different, but they were absolutely the best. I've tried to make them, and eaten other people's but no one's were as good as hers. My grandparents both died in 2001 - 12 weeks apart, and I miss them very much. Whenever I visit their graves I bring some candy corn with me to share!

While I was reminiscing about foods, I also recalled another favorite memory of Grandaddy.

My Grandaddy loved his garden - mostly flowers with a few tomatoes thrown in. He ALWAYS made a bouquet for me to take home. He would pick a few snapdragons and marigolds (sometimes lilacs when they were blooming.) He wrapped a wet paper towel around the stems and then wrapped that in either plastic or tin foil. I always think of my Grandaddy when I see marigolds and snapdragons. I plant both because of him!!

2 Opinions:

Kellie said...

I have the same memories too, thanks for sharing this. I love candy corn!

My favorite was grandmother's rolls, her rice she made for breakfast, her rice krispie hamburger patties and of course the rice krispie treats. YUMMY.

I also remember the exact same flowers you do. I love them as well. I also remeber cherry tomoatoes!

Tammy said...

Cool Kellie! I also remember Grandmother's rolls and the hamburger patties! I tried making them once recently, but I don't have the same touch as Grandmother!

Do you remember the little yellow "pear" tomatoes. I think Grandaddy loved those best! It was fun to reminisce!