Work in Progress

Posted by Tammy

I've never posted a work in progress before so this is exciting. This whole work is a stretch for me! I've never done anything like this and I'm having a blast!

It is a bit obsessive, but in a good way! It didn't scan in as well as I'd like, but you can get the idea!

I was inspired by someone on my Sharpie group whose work is totally amazing! Wow!! You can see it at http://www.deardiary.net/show/diaries/139383/1146614400 Be amazed and awed by this artist!

Once I started off on this project, not much has deterred me from working on it. I pick it up during commercials while watching American Idol (yes, I am an addict......I'm hoping that Taylor doesn't go home tonight - I may boycott the finale if he does!)

I even stop during my turn at the computer playing World of Warcraft to pick this up (of course, it's while my character is in flight somewhere, or while I'm waiting for a boat... My boyfriend, I'm sure, would love to tell me to stick with art so he can play! Yep... we're both addicts!)

I hope I will have a finished product to show you next week!

3 Opinions:

MARYBETH said...

Holy Moly Tammy,
I am almost afraid to ask-but you know I just have to----

Tammy said...

Hi MB - I know - it's a little obsessive or something. I'm using fine tip Sharpies, and a micron pen. I'm just creating patterns in each circle... no rhyme or reason, just filling in the space! I love little detail work, so this is perfect! Without a specific outcome in mind, I do better!

It's fun and I'm obsessed!


Anonymous said...

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