Try It Tuesday Art

Posted by Tammy

Yes, Yes, I know that it is Friday, but I found this wonderful site called
Try it Tuesday. The idea is there will be a new art technique posted every Tuesday that you try out and then post your creations (and I think there is a PRIZE each week too!!) Yay! You can see the steps I used for these by going to the site. It is all detailed there in easy, step-by-step instructions! So cool!

So, I decided to try it out of course! Since I'm experimenting with everything these days, why not?!

The technique this week was an easy, acrylic background. And it is oh so fun! I made two mini canvases with this background. I'm not totally happy with either one, but I see much potential for them! And I will DEFINITELY use this technique often - it is easy and very unique!

This is my first attempt >>>>>>>>>>>>

I used yellow, red, and blue but as I went through the technique steps they blended into other colors! It is a little muddy for my taste, but I do love the mottled look of it. It will be VERY fun to put something over this background - a mixed media collage I think! I'll post the final results once I finish this one up!

My next attempt is more to my liking. The colors are definitely better and they didn't muddy up quite as much. Again, it's going to be really fun to do something over the top of this one!

4 Opinions:

krista said...

That looks very fun. Try me Tuesday you say? Hmm... I am kind of a band wagon jumper with things like this, maybe I'll hop on this one too.

Tammy said...

You should hop on! I certainly hopped right on - this is the first week it's been going - a very fun thing!!


Ruth said...

Looks like your muse has found another outlet for the insatiable artist in you. I see a lot of potential here, my dear.


Tammy said...

I think my muse has multiple personalities! She can't make up her mind! I like them all! :) (all of the mediums I mean...)