Fixer Upper

Posted by Tammy

Ok - this one was difficult for me, and I'm not totally satisfied with the results, but I'm going to post it anyway!

The challenge from the Weekly Photoshop Challenge blog was to take a photo of an old, dilapidated house and "fix-it-up".

I did ok with getting new background - blue sky and tree, adding a flowering bush, and a picket fence. What I didn't do so well at was "re-painting the house. I couldn't quite get that figured out!

Oh, well, it was fun and it is supposed to be challenging right?! Don't look too close at the details!

Below is the original photo.Categories: Weekly Photoshop Challenge_, Digital Art_

4 Opinions:

AndyDoodler said...

Niiiice job! I'd live there

Ruth said...

Watch out Ty...(Extreme Makeover)...Tammy's on your trail. Is there anything you can't do Miss ToolBelt Diva.

Btw, your flowering shrub looks like the "Pride of Mobile" azalea.

TXArtcGal said...

GREAT job Tammy! I love the fence you used...and, the tree in the yard is awesome!! FANTASTIC!!

Tammy said...

Nah - Ruth I've decided there really isn't anything I can't do!?! I'll try it all whether I succeed or not!

I loved playing with this and if I'd had more time to play, it would have been up to my perfectionist standards, but I do love the fence and the "pride of mobile" azalea (even though I had no idea that's what it was!)