I've Been Tagged

Posted by Tammy

I have been tagged by Nici of the Artshapedworld blog to do a meme! This should be fun!

Five Items in My Fridge:

1. Beer (Mike's)
2. OLIVES! (lots of green varieties)
3. Pear Lemon Peels
4. Onion
5. Fizzy water (Canada Dry Cranberry Lime)

Five Items in My Closet:

1. Shoes - lots and lots of shoes.
2. Laundry - both clean needing to be hung up and dirty needing to be washed (separated of course!)
3. Binders full of artsy ideas that I've printed out and kept over the last couple years
4. Video storage boxes full of photos
5. Random pictures that I haven't hung up yet since moving into my new house

Five Items in My Purse:

1. My "cigarette" case full of ATCs
2. My cell phone
3. New wallet! Yay!
4. Bills to be mailed (better get on that!)
5. Notes about swaps that I am supposed to mail things out for - so I don't forget!!

Five People I've Tagged:

1. Ruth
2. Chel
3. Turtle Jones
4. ???
5. ???

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Turtle Jones said...

Thanks for the tag! That was fun! :)