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Posted by Tammy

This was a fun one for me! We learned how to place a "tattoo" into a photo. I tried it first using the muscled man that was provided for us to play with! :) I used a design that I cut out of one of my sharpie ATCs. (not something you would expect to see on this muscly guy -that's for sure!)

Then I decided to play a bit! I have a tattoo (a real one) on top of my right foot. Boy, if I'd known how to do this in photoshop BEFORE I got my tattoo, I would have tried it out first. I have no regrets though - I love my tattoo!!

But, I wiped out my real tattoo and tried out this same flower on my foot just to see what it would have looked like! My photoshopped tattoo is on the right. My real foot with tattoo is on the left - the moons, etc. I like the real one better - thank goodness! :)

Fun challenge - check out the Weekly Photoshop Challenge Blog. I'm learning a TON and having fun with it!
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Marsha said...

very cool...I wish I knew how to do that.

Tammy said...

Thanks Marsha! You should check out the Weekly Photoshop Challenge Blog. She always posts tutorials that help tons! You can walk through step by step!! :)


~jolene said...

Hmmmmmmmm - a muscled man to play with? OK, I can't stop laughing :)

You are not only a blogging Goddess you are rapidly becoming a PhotoShop Goddess!!! Girl, you do indeed ROCK!

Ruth said...

Holy Tatoos BatWoman...this is killer bangin' uber uber krazy kool!!! Okay, now you're beginning to get too big for your britches Missy. Is there anything you can't do???

I tried to 'funk up' a mojo flower last night...but looks yucked up instead. You really are messing with my head girlfren'don't ya know?

If you were in school...you would be getting straight A+'s that's for sure.

Tammy said...

Thanks Jolene - glad someone got my little joke... I'm guessing Mike, my boyfriend won't think it's so funny... but he knows these muscly guys aren't really my type anyway. I go for the geeky ones! (and now I've just called him a geek...) sheesh!


Tammy said...

Ruth! This was a fun one... I keep telling myself that there isn't anything I can't do. For WAY too many years I was scared to even TRY anything art. Now, I'm willing to try it even if it doesn't turn out so well.

You should see the stuff I don't post because it's "yucked" up instead of funked! Don't worry about it and try again with your flower!!! :)

Glad I am gettin' A+!! :) Just you wait until you see what I'm doing to my work website - total overhaul... pretty cool!!


Necy said...

Hi Tammy!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I never would have thought of trying to change my own tattoo!What a great idea!

I love the pink flower on the muscle guy, makes me chuckle! :)

I look forward to seeing your results on future challenges...

Take Care!