Hi everyone! I decided to go with the advice from everyone who commented on my ideas for new headers!

Ruth suggested that I make a border around this header and use it! Everyone else seemed to like this one best as well, so I went with it! I changed up some colors to match as well. I may play some more, but here it is for now!

I also changed out my music. My addiction to the previous song (Crazy by Gnarls Barkley) has faded. I needed something less hip-hop and more ME! I love this song - it is Allison Krauss along with James Taylor. What better combination?

A Thank You goes out to Blogger Mary Ann! She had a contest at her site called WYSIWYG Wednesday that I put my name in for. Guess what? I won! WhooHoo! Very fun idea! Take a look at her fun Blog!

And - I'm headed off on a mini-vacation tomorrow morning. Mike and I are heading to South Dakota for the long weekend. I haven't been there since I was a kid, so I'm looking forward to seeing the sights! I may post again later today, but if not, have a happy and safe holiday weekend! I'll be back with new art next week!Categories: misc_, me_

2 Opinions:

firstborn said...

hi tammy,

love your new look! you picked the sunray one, yay! looks fab!

i popped your lovely score in the mail...you should be getting it perhaps after the 4th maybe?

& thanks for the plug, btw!

bella weekend & happy 4th!

:) mary ann

p.s., i think i'm gonna borrow that "short meme" >>that's interesting to know what others come up with!if you don't mind?

MARYBETH said...

Hi Ya ((TAMMY))

Love the new HEader- so original-so you!
ahhh... the beautiful sounds of Allison * James---love it!