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Posted by Tammy

Well, this week's Photoshop Challenge was one I had fun with! It was to play with text and make different effects.

I've decided to change the look of my blog (again!) and so I took this challenge on to make a new header.

I've come up with two different ones. Each is similar in what I did with the text, but each uses a different piece of my very early art.

Entry #1...

Entry #2...

My process was basically using free transform to move and tip the letters around! I used a lot of blending options like drop shadow, outer glow, and stroke. They are both fairly simple, but I like the way they look and the colors.

Which one do you like? Should I use one of them as my header? I'd love your input!!

The original art that I cropped is below. This was from early in my art therapy and I was addicted to oil pastels. I loved the smudge effect that I got from them. I used edges of paper to get the fan look. Still really love these!

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6 Opinions:

Ruth said...

Okay, you asked. I prefer the second one (i think that's the sunburst looking one ?)...only smudge the edges either using the different colors on each edge or use a single smudged color to frame it out...i.e. like the purple and that would be keeping with your purple theme of your blog.

Tammy said...

Cool! Thanks for the input Ruth. I'm going to play with that idea and see what happens! :)

TXArtcGal said...

Great job Tammy! I'm not sure which one I prefer...they are both very nice! Thanks again for doing the challenge!

MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
this is fab!!!! can i come live next door to you and spend a couple of hours a day doing hands on tutoring?? =)
Anyway talented lady, i sure need some help with my blog so if you can tell me what is the best way to communicate with you-either e-mail or tele- i need some work done ASAP! Can you believe i dont have directions on TBB as to how it works? good grief!
Come on bye when you have a few minutes to do an eval then shoot me a mail or leave a message!
MB http://thriftbarterbuy.blogspot.com/

krista said...

Cool. I really like the first one.

firstborn said...

they are both great! but i mirror ruth's comment...loved the fanned out effect...also, something about the projecting lines,they remind me of sunrays {smile}!

i like your blog & guess what? i think you need to bop over to my blog asap bec. i've got something of yours (heeheehee)...

:) mary ann