South Dakota - mini vacation

Posted by Tammy

Mike and I went to South Dakota over the long holiday weekend (we both took Monday off!) We took no pictures of our own, so I created a mosaic from Flickr using others photos! Credits are below!

I had been once when I was about 10 years old, and had very little recollection of the trip. I am certain I appreciated it more this time!

Wow - what a beautiful spot - and very close to our Colorado home - it only took 5 hours of driving time (6 with a stop for lunch - where we bumped into my cousin Randy who was on a motorcycle trip to the same locations we were headed!)

We stayed in Hot Springs which is at the south end of Custer State Park. We drove ALL over in the park. There are three highways you must drive on - all are unique and very gorgeous. My favorite was the Needles Highway - the Cathedral Spires were wonderful and the Needle rock amazing!

We also saw Crazy Horse from a distance, Mount Rushmore, and all of the wildlife including Bison (with babies), Burros (who let me pet them from the car window), mountain goats, wild turkeys (with babies - the mommy gobbled at us!), and deer, antelope, and prairie dogs galore!

We even found the culinary delight of the summer (so far!). We ventured north to Rapid City, hoping to find some choices for restaurants. We were thinking it was going to be Taco Bell when we happened upon a local Italian restaurant called Boticelli that was simply amazing. It was the best Italian I've had outside of NYC. Wow - we raved about it! Even dessert and espresso (which they served - to my amazement - correctly with lemon rind!!) Wonderful! We'll go back next time!

This was a fun trip rounded out by a visit to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Wow - what an amazing sight! Mike walked the mile or so around the base. My knee wasn't good, so I waited, and watched! It was beautiful. We drove home through some of the most amazing, heavy rain I've ever seen - absolute sheets of water! Thankfully, it didn't last long. We drove into another storm further towards home - similar stuff.

All in all, this was a great trip! Very fun, relaxing and beautiful sights! I'll have some new artwork up next week - got lots I want to create this weekend!!! Categories: misc_, me_

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firstborn said...

hi tammy!

what a fun mini-getaway! have not been there...but it looks like fun!

& so glad your wysiwyg mail got to you safely!!!!

enjoy, my dear!

:) mary ann

Tammy said...

It was so fun - you should definitely visit some time - worth it! Very beautiful country!

Love my little album - don't know what I'll do with it yet, but it has SO much potential! Thanks again!!


Kama said...

Your pictures brought back a flood of great memories of many a family vacation spent in the Black Hills. We had the pleasure of spending time with the artist of Crazy Horse and his wife on one. How awing it was to see the dream of a man to start a project that would not be finished in his life time or even in the lifetimes of his extended family. One of my first glimpses of what passion in a soul can accomplish. There is a old deep magic to the region. Thank you for sharing!

MARYBETH said...

WOW- I'd love to see MT Rushmore and learn the history of this enormous creative undertaking!

Tammy said...

Wow Kama - that sounds so cool! I had been once to SD as a kid, but had little recollection - this trip was fabulous. We will definitely go back!

It's a worthwhile place MB - very rich in history, and gorgeous sites! :)