Oil Pastel Art

Posted by Tammy

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I had so much fun creating my South Dakota mosaic yesterday, that I decided to upload some of my early art and do another mosaic!

These are all from very early in my art therapy! I was addicted to oil crayons/pastels. They seemed very forgiving because they are supposed to smudge! I did a ton of scribbling, and just playing with colors.

To this day, some of these are my favorite creations. The one piece that isn't from really early on is the mandala - the black paper. I made this one during an art group session. It is on black construction paper using oil pastels. It was fun to do because the colors all look so different on the black background.

I'm wondering... how would oil crayons work with sharpies?! I'm thinking I should combine my two obsessions! :) Happy Friday!Categories: art_

3 Opinions:

Ruth said...

These are fabulous Tammy...of course. Now...I've had some experience with sharpies and oil pastels...even waterbased oil pastels...you may get one word or scribble...and your pen will be DOA. I must have spent a fortune on all kinds of pens...so I could write in my journal pages...scratching works. I used a wax pencil to write on page...then pastel over and rub with chamois until the writing or design shows. Also used acrylic paint after sealed..okay. you do need to spray sealer on before attempting pens...because basically you will just be moving the pastels around if you don't. Maybe some papers absorb the oil faster I dunno...but that's my 2 cents. You can also glue cut out words from mags if you have a message.bye...sorry for the ramble

MARYBETH said...

HI Tammy,
You should use an excellent color copier and create this onto paper and frame it!!!!


Tammy said...

Thank you for all the advice Ruth!! I'm going to print off this comment so I have it to refer to! :)

MB! A color copy and framed is a great idea! I love it!!!! :)