Inspiration needed.... and found!

Posted by Tammy

As you may have noticed, I haven't been very inspired to create lately. Not for lack of ideas, but I just haven't had the "oomph" to make anything new. Part of this is the summer doldrums... I dislike summer, the heat, the glaring sun, etc. I'm definitely more of a fall girl - cooler days, warm, mellow sun. And let me tell you about the gray, rainy days - those are my favorite, but are few and far between here in Colorado.

So, I went looking at blogs all over this morning as I usually do and I found a new blog at a site that I have visited many times in the past. It is the Duirwaigh Gallery - an amazing collection of artists, inspiring links, etc. They have an internet movie called "A Knock at the Door". I have seen it several times, but had forgotten how wonderful it is.

You must go see it ... here! (scroll down the page and click on the link to watch the movie...) Worth every minute of your time. I found that they have now turned it into a book/DVD that I want, and will save my pennies for! So beautiful. And inspiring. So, now, in spite of the heat, I want to create. Maybe I will get those cards ready for swapping on time after all! (due to go out on Saturday - not even started yet! Yikes!!) Category: misc_

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MARYBETH said...

Hi Tammy,
Well i had a wonderful doese of cool coastal weather that filled all of me mind-body-spirit- with energy * joy!
We are now back in the burning desert and that heat doldroms-im gonna go hide in the air conditioned bedroom has already set in.
LEt me know if the info I sent works =)
MB 108 degrees ( ugh!)