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I had two swaps to prepare cards for this weekend. I'd procrastinated both until the very day of the deadline! Yikes!! (If any of my Sharpie group mates are reading - I'm sorry - the cards are going out today instead of Saturday!)

The first one I worked on was the Harry Potter swap. Now, this is timely for me because Mike is reading the books for the first time, and I'm re-reading behind him. Then after we both finish, we rent the movie. We're up through the third movie. He's finished book 4, and I'm almost through!
I decided to try out making a Dobby card first. I'm pleased with the way it turned out except for his face. I don't like it - but I couldn't get it quite right... Oh, well - it's still cute!

Next, I tried out the Slytherin House Crest. I was going to do Gryffindor as well, but ran out of time (and a snake is WAY easier than a lion anyway!) I really like how this turned out - it is on Vellum, so you can see through to the back side. My favorite paper with Sharpies! :)

Third, I did a random one that came directly from what I was reading in the book. Hermione creates spewS.P.E.W - the Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare. In the book, she makes badges for members to wear, so I decided that a Sharpie badge was a good idea!

quidditchcardLast, I made a card of Harry playing Quidditch. This one was a challenge for me. Again, it's on vellum, so you can see the back as well as the front. I really like this one! It was fun and I think it turned out the best of the 4! The only change I wish I could make is to make the scar on Harry's forehead more pronounced!

The next swap I needed to finish was to create a set of 3 playing cards. They didn't have to be traditional cards (hearts, spades, etc.) so I decided to make my suits of Runic symbols. I chose three symbols randomly and then created my cards. They are very basic, but I do like how they turned out. This swap presented a mental challenge for me in coming up with an idea. I struggled with it, but the outcome is good!

I made a 3 of Inguz.

A 4 of Teiwaz.

And a 6 of Thurisaz.
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