Pickles as Art!!

Posted by Tammy

I decided to post something a little different today. It is art in its own way!

My friend Andrea and I decided back in the summer of 2003 that we wanted to learn how to can! We got my mom's dill pickle recipe and decided we'd give it a whirl! We bought our little cucumbers from "Something from the Farm", a cute little farm near me, and off we went. We worked at my little bitty house, in August, with no air-conditioning! It was HOT. But, we had SO much fun.

On that first attempt we made somewhere around 12-15 quarts of really yummy dill pickles. Also, on that same day, we made 8-10 quarts of apple pie filling. Now, why we decided to do both, I'm not sure! It was a bit much for ONE day. However, both attempts were quite successful.

I have these pictures in a frame in my office. Andrea framed them for me for the following Christmas! It was so much fun, and such a sense of accomplishment. And it was fun to be able to give people pickles that I made!

We have continued our canning tradition since. The next year, we made more dills (24 quarts I think) and we also canned peaches. Last year, we didn't make any dills because we both still had some from the previous year. We made instead bread and butter pickles. They are more work, but, boy, are they ever yummy!! This summer, we'll definitely make dills again! I'm almost out!!

Canning is an art form of sorts. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and patience (something I'm short on!) But, again, it is worth it in the end! Thanks MOM for your recipe and experience. We called her more than once during the canning days with questions! Categories: art_, misc_

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MARYBETH said...

oh yummy! My 85 yr old mother in law still can relishes and jams that are like none other!

Tammy said...

Canning is a lost art I think! That's why it has been so fun for my friend and I to do this!

My grandmother used to make the yummiest crab apple jelly! I haven't mastered jelly yet - maybe this summer!!

Ruth said...

Tammy, you brought back a flood of memories for me. Growing up we had a farm in the country and my Mother and I would take numerous trips there during the summer months...to go into the fields at dawn to pick and purchase bushels and bushels of fruits and veggies for canning and freezing. I hated it when I was a kid, but now wish I was fortunate enough to return there and do it again. We always had canned or frozen veggies and preserves stockpiled for the coming winter. Homemade tomato juice and vegetable soup stock were two of my favorites. And oh my...the pickles were amazing. I can remember how Mother would open the pantry door and just stand in admiration of our hard work staring at the shelves of glass jars sparkling in the overhead light. It truly was a work of art. but at the time I found that kinda strange, but now I really appreciate what an undertaking and gift of love it really was.

Hugs, Ruth

Tammy said...

It's funny! I hated helping mom with canning when I was a kid too, but now I love it! It is hard work, but SO satisfying too. Andrea and I always spend some time admiring how pretty our jars look. And we giggle like school-girls each time one of the jars "ping" as they seal! It's so fun!

Kama said...

This sounds like so much fun! And hard work! I spent many summers with my Grandmother canning the gifts of her big garden. Bread and butter pickles are one of my favorites. How come the store bought ones never come close? I have given up canning pickles for making refrigerator dills. Not as good, but it takes care of my "need" to buy cukes at the farmers market.

"Eat, Pray, Love" was an enjoyable read.


norththreads said...

All those yummies are making me hungry! Im a canner at heart too...