Random Acts of Kindness!

Posted by Tammy

The online art community is a good one I've discovered! My sister Vicki has been struggling forever with an undiagnosed illness that has left her housebound. (I know you'll read this Vic - hope it's ok!)

I recently asked one of my art groups to help me with an "art injection" for Vicki - sending small pieces of mail art to her to help raise her spirits.

She started receiving packages last week!! And she was SOOOO excited. She is an incredible artist, but because of her illness, she hasn't created much. My niece (her daughter) has set her up with a "recliner" art studio - so she can be comfortable, but still create. This art injection has inspired her, and has cheered her so much.

I can't believe the goodness of these online friends (and you all know who you are - that are reading this blog!!!) Thank you SO much from me, and from my sister. This has done a world of good. You've done a very good thing, and there really should be good karma floating your way!!

I sent her a mural ATC that I'd been working on. I posted about it (WIP) a couple weeks ago. I finished it up to send her way. It's cheerful and she liked it - apparently it looks like the flowers I sent her for her birthday last month!

So, anway, thank you to all of you who sent out random acts of kindness (or plan to) to my sister! You all rock!!! Categories: art_, misc_

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