Sunday Scribblings #21

Posted by Tammy

The Inner Life of Pets


Hi everyone - my "mom" asked me to write this post for her, so here goes.

I'm Henry - the cute, lovable one of the household. (OK - I'm not the only cute, lovable one, but I am pretty darn cute!) Recently, we had a big change in our life! We moved to a HUGE house, and got two new roommates. (Well, three if you count the additional human - Mike) But, Ben and Miss Girl are the two new cats in our house. I was used to Oscar and Luna, but it has taken all of us awhile to adjust to having five of us living together.

Ben is my buddy. We hit it off right away and I love playing with him. He's even shown me a few tricks - like how totally comfortable it is to lay with one arm stretched WAY out. He taught Luna about the bathroom sink. For some reason Ben (and now Luna) thinks it is fun to curl in the sink - even when the water is running! I like chasing him around the house. And boy, he talks a lot. He is sort of a drama queen. He likes feathers too, but he likes to play with them. I like to WEAR them!

Miss Girl is a hard little cat to get along with. She seems to be scared of all of us (even Ben, who she came here with) and she hisses a lot. She and Luna really don't like each other. Luna chases her too much. I think if Luna wouldn't chase Miss Girl, that Miss Girl might settle down and realize we have a nice place here. She gets her own room because she doesn't like the rest of us. That's OK - if she is happier, then it works for me. I wish she would come out and play with us though. We're all nice cats - we just want to play!

Mike is a handy person to have around. He has introduced us all to the wonders of Cosmic Catnip. He doesn't give us enough, mind you, but it is fun when he does. I prefer to eat all of mine right away. (I believe the term "hoovering" has been used!) I've learned to avoid Ben when he is playing with his Nip. He gets a little mean!

Oh, and I know it looks to the humans like I'm falling off of the cat tree, but really, I meant to do that. It is an adrenaline rush. It's fun! No, really, I mean that! You laugh - but I'm just being an adrenaline junky!

Well, I am late for my morning nap in the sun. So, I'll sign off now. Be sure to tell my "mom" that you enjoyed my post, so maybe she'll let me write more often! Or maybe the grumpy Oscar has a few words to say...


P.S. I forgot to mention earlier - my "mom" has taken to rubbing this stuff on our noses several times a day - I think she called it Flower Essences. Supposedly it is supposed to make us all get along better. I think we get along fine, so I wish she'd stop! But, I guess if it helps Miss Girl be happier with all of us it will be worth it!


3 Opinions:

Autrice DelDrago said...

What a beauty!

Cosmic Catnip - my cat can't get enough of it. lol

Ruth said...

Oh my...I could use some Cosmic HumanNip right about now.

firstborn said...

how cute your kitty is!

guess what? i've got something of yours on my blog!