New Challenge Cards and a TAG

Posted by Tammy

Here are two more Art by the Card pieces! I've done 6 total, 84 to go! Yikes!! I need to get crackin'!

These were pure doodles. I started out on this first one by drawing circles, all overlapping, all over the card. Then I proceeded to fill in each circle with a different color. I allowed the colors to overlap and it created a rather stained glass looking effect. I like how it turned out! It was rather time consuming though. I called it Glass Circles.

The next one, I used my continuous line drawing to start with - only with all curves - no sharp angles. Then I filled it in. Mike says it looks like Christmas lights. I thought it looked like an ocean creature or something. Patricia (my co-worker) also saw the sea aspect. So, I call this one Sea Doodle.

Blue Jude over at BlueJude's Musings tagged me with an interesting set of questions. FIVE THOUGHTS They fit in with my doodlings from last night, so here goes:
Five thoughts I had while creating last night:
1. Wow - this is taking forever - I probably should choose less intricate designs or I'm never going to meet my goal of 90 cards this month!
2. I wonder if anyone else obsesses this much over their Sharpie ATCs?
3. Hmmm... the fumes are pretty strong... I wonder why the room is starting to spin (I'm only kidding here!!!)
4. What next? What next? I'm out of ideas - how am I going to make 90 of these!?!?!
5. Sharpies and the Scouts are the coolest! I am inspired by the group! This challenge is a very good thing for me.
And that's the extent of my thoughts while creating last night. I am usually quite critical of myself, but these Sharpie cards bring out the best in my creativity - I am not so hard on myself. I enjoy the process very much -.... wonder if the fumes DO play a role?!
What are your thoughts as you create? Tag, you're it! Thanks BlueJude! :)

5 Opinions:

BlueJude said...

Too Funny! Of course the fumes play their part! Why do you think we artists are a bit off sometimes and get that glazed over look! lol
I love Glass Cirlcles. Cool beans...ah I man cirlcles.

Tanaya said...

I really like the overlapping circles. I'm surprised how well the colors blend together. Keep going. You CAN do this big 'ole challenge!

Tammy said...

Beautiful art Tammy :) I've been overloaded and unable to do as much commenting. Just had to let you know :)

Potato Print said...

These are two very different pieces. One is controlled and precise, the other is loose, free-spirited and whimsical. I like both of them.

Ruth said...

Do you frequent the AFC (art fertility clinic)often TammaLa?

You continue to amaze me with your apparently unlimited talents!! These are beautiful...the first one really does resemble the glass 'globs' used in stained glass art. If I can get a good scan, I'll post a cross my niece made using some of these gems on my blog later.

The MotherRuth in me says...it's not just the'lightheadedness'you get from the sharpie fume emissions...they are TOXIC...and can literally cause brain/lung cell damage to you and your pets. Sooo do not take this lightly love..VENTILATE/CIRCULATE ALWAYS!
I'm just sayin...