Sharpie Art by the Card Challenge

Posted by Tammy

My Sharpie Group is hosting a creative challenge in the month of October. The challenge is to create numbers of ATC cards - 30, 90, 150, or 300 cards.

Initially, I signed up for the 30 level, but have changed my mind and decided to go for the 90!!!

It started yesterday - October 1!

And I got started as well. I made my first four cards! The first one was a random doodle (again!) that wasn't for a specific purpose. I did my continuous line and filling in - as is my obsession lately - but I did it in a monochromatic color theme! Purple!! I like it!

The next cards I did are for a specific swap - the Mother Earth swap. I want to make a few more for this one, but here's what I started with!

I called this one "Sunflower Bright Earth". It was a fun and cheerful one to draw! The flowers remind me of the sunflowers I did to emulate Van Gogh. I guess I like that particular look!

I considered adding more detail, but I think I'll leave it as is - more simple!

The next one I did is a personal one for me - it's the Triple Moon symbol - "triple moon goddess". I have this symbol tattooed on my foot! Again, I like the simplicity of this one. I used all blues and purples to mix the background. I have flowers twining around my tattoo, but decided to leave this one just the moons. The phases represent the phases of life. Birth, Life, and Death. (or Maiden, Mother, and Crone)

The last one I did yesterday is a Spiral Goddess - representing femininity or womanhood. I guess I was stuck on blues and purples yesterday because this one has a similar color theme. I used my FINE tip Staedtler pens (I know - not Sharpies!) to hatch the background in - it was a fun technique and I like the card a lot!

This is going to be a good challenge for me - I hope to have LOTS of art to post and share!! 90 cards equals about 3 a day - we'll see if I can get that many done! (I may not get them done each day, but probably a concentration on the weekends!)

5 Opinions:

Maggie said...

I love your cards, Tammy! The colors and the patterns/designs. I looked forward to seeing more!

(aka: SRwS)

BlueJude said...

WOW!!! 90 ATC's...I hope you got a lottta sharpies!! Too cool. You're doin great!!

Potato Print said...

Good morning Tammy,
This is a wonderful challenge. It will be interesting to see how your production morphs as you wade through that high output. I love the spiral goddess. Keep posting these. Your output inspires me.

Tammy said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm really hoping I can hit the 90 goal! It's a lot, but I think I can do it!

I have a couple more to post, but left them at home (without a scanner) so they'll be up tomorrow!! Maybe I'll have even more by then!!

I'm a wee bit obsessed - I pick up my cards/sharpies every chance I have (even this morning before leaving for work!!)

BlueJude said...

Okay Tammy, While you're on this cretive tear...go to my blog and read FIVE THOUGHTS then consider yourself officially tagged! Don't worry it's fun and short! lol