A Belated Tag

Posted by Tammy

I was tagged... like a week ago by BlueJude! And I just plain forgot! Sorry 'bout that! :)

It is a book tag. I am supposed to grab a book that I have close at hand, turn to page 123, go down five sentences, and then give you the next three. Well, close at hand I have "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" by Diana Gabaldon. I have been re-reading the Outlander series and this is book six - the only that is a first time read!

Page 123, sentences 6, 7, & 8...

"I gave Ute McGillivray a glance, and saw her watching Mr. Wemyss and his inamorata with the contented expression of a puppet master whose puppets are dancing precisely to her tune.

Someone had left a pitcher of cider beside us. I refilled Jamie's mug, then my own."

Hmmm... not a very exciting or understandable piece! The person talking is Claire - a time-traveler from the 1900's who is living in the 1700's. These books are quite good reads - they do have a bit of "romance novel" in them, but they have enough excitement, history, and character development, that I can excuse that part! :) Each one is at least 1000 pages long and some are closer to 1500! I will be sad when I finish this sixth one because there is no seventh as of yet! I think it is to be, but no publish date that I can find yet!

Thanks for tagging me BlueJude! It was fun! :)

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