Presents from Andrea!

Posted by Tammy

I took some photos last night that I want to share!

Andrea is just the coolest friend ever! I am so lucky to have her as my best friend! We've been friends since 1992. When we first met, I would never have dreamed we would become as close of friends as we are.

We shared our first apartment together in 1994! I'll have to dig out old photos and share them sometime! We didn't have much in the way of furniture, but we loved our place! We had a dart board on the kitchen wall (lack of furniture helped here!) and had a time trying to cover all the holes when we moved out!

She always spoils me with presents! She took me on a trip to Las Vegas when I graduated from college! We had such a blast - staying at the New York, New York and celebrating!

Savannah picked out this magazine for me. It is very fun!! It has all sorts of ideas for greeting cards that I can make. I'll probably use the ideas for ATCs too!

Andrea crocheted this too cute stocking for me and filled it full of yummy chocolates and nuts!

She also made me this fantastic bag!! I knew she was talented, but hey, this is too cool!! I would BUY this for myself for sure! I, of course, have it all filled up and am carrying it already! :) I can fit my wallet, camera (of course), and even my book! All necessities! :)

To follow with the Asian theme, she gave me this
other cool stuff too!! A small sake set, gorgeous bowls, a mirror (to carry in the bag!), and a tiny bonsai tree kit!

Such pretty stuff from my favorite girls!! (and thanks to Mike, I have a camera now so I can share these photos with you all! Yay!)

2 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

People who work with fabric amaze me, that's a medium I have no ability for and look at what can be created! She sounds like a fantastic friend Tammy, you're very lucky.

Tammy said...

I am lucky to have Andrea in my life!! :)

And I don't work with fabric either - but I LOVE the textures and patterns. This bag is just too cool! I couldn't believe she'd made it - totally something I would buy!!