Create A Connection - Mug Swap!!

Posted by Tammy

Well - the first ever Create a Connection Swap is underway!

Jessie hosted this first swap and our partners were announced this morning.

I will be sending a fabulous mug to Jen of ceanandjen - a new blogger that I hadn't met until this swap! Since I am new to Jen's blog - I'm going to do a little back reading and see what kind of mug seems to suit her best! I'll get it sent off by next Monday!! :)

This was such a fun swap idea - and I'm looking forward to packing up the mug for Jen as much as I am looking forward to getting my package from blogger Holli! (also a fairly new blogger to me - more reading and new bloggy friends!!)

I know there will be more fun swaps to come from Create a Connection - meaning more connections and new blog friends!! :) I can't wait!

7 Opinions:

Potato Print said...

Wow Tammy, I've been out of the blogosphere for about four days, and look how much I have missed.

I really like your self portraits. Very introspective.

Good idea to post about the mug exchange. I just got my two people, so now I have to get a mug. I think I'll make one, actually.

Sacred Suzie said...

Time to go shopping! This is going to be fun. I had such a great time with our cookbook swap, I'm excited to be of another one too.

Deb R said...

I'm really looking forward to the mug swap too, and also got paired with two people who are (relatively) new to me which makes it even more fun...new people to learn about! :-)

PS...I'll be putting a package in the mail to you sometime this week (whenever I can make time to go to the post office) for the art meme thing, so be on the lookout soon.

Janet said...

I had my name on the list but wasn't included today! Was this a swap just for certain people??

melba said...

Thank you sweetie for my picture. I Love it. I love how you framed it. and I love the card too! I put the picture right on my desk. When ever I see it I smile and think of you!

I am in the process of creating my art to share. getting it all together takes a while!

Thank you!!!


holli said...

Okay - I'm back! For a second I thought I had posted a random mug message on someone else's blog! WHEW!

We are VERY excited about making your mug!!! In fact, I'm sure there will be an entire blog post about it. Faith and I are taking our first field trip to the pottery place where you can pick out an item, paint it and have them fire it for you!

Soooooo... I can't promise you that you'll get a mug that belongs in a museum, but I can promise that you will get a mug that was created with a lot of love. She is so excited!!! (and if it turns out ghastly, I'll come up with a different plan).


Jessie said...

Yay! This post made me happy. This mug exchange has been a lot of fun. :)