More Presents I can Now Post!!

Posted by Tammy

Well! I can finally share these last two presents!! I have been waiting breathlessly to give these to my best friend Andrea, and her daughter Savannah. We finally found time yesterday to go out and have our Christmas together!! We saw a movie first (Happily N'Ever After - it was cute - very silly!) and then we had lunch at the Texas Roadhouse and exchanged our presents!

This one (left) is for Andrea. She is a Wonder Woman fanatic. I always have a hard time finding stuff for her that she doesn't already have. So, this year, I made her some art!!

The Post Office was kind enough to release some new superhero stamps recently - two of them were Wonder Woman! And, someone in my Sharpie group made a card that I borrowed my idea from! (Thanks ANg!)

These are ATCs (2.5" x 3.5") and each one includes a Wonder Woman stamp! :) I had fun putting these together and then finding a suitable frame. This scan doesn't do it justice - the silver frame doesn't show through. I had scanned and wrapped these presents before I got my camera... so a scan will have to do!

I think Andrea liked it! I also found seatbelt covers that had the Wonder Woman logo stitched on them! Something unique that no one else found for her! Yay! :)

For her daughter, I used the same silver frame and took two of my cards from the October SAC challenge for her. I added silver stickers along the side (barely visible in this scan unfortunately) and spelled out her name! Again, I think she liked it. (She also got the Fox and the Hound 2!)
I will take some pictures and share them tomorrow, but Andrea gave me some wonderful stuff! She had a sort of Asian theme going. She made a wonderful red bag for me (that I'm carrying today of course!) and then she found a very pretty sake set, and two bowls that are black with red enamel inside and flowers! She always spoils me for Christmas (and birthdays!) and this year was no different.

Savannah picked out a magazine for me that is all homemade card ideas. It is SO pretty and I look forward to new issues with new ideas!! I so loved my subscription from last year to Bon Appetit magazine! I know I'll like this one bunches too!!

It is so fun to have this wonderful friend, and her wonderful little girl in my life!

2 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

Lovely Tammy! I love Wonder Woman too, big fan here and am thrilled there is going to be a movie sometime soon. What a cool idea to use postage stamps, LOL.

Janet said...

Your gifts for your friend and her daughter are so cute. I love the swirly cards. The colors are so pretty. And Wonder Woman! Who can resist her!! Sounds as if you received some great things, too.