Fun Mail!!

Posted by Tammy

Now - I am behind a bit, so some of this I received a month or so ago, but I never got it posted. But I'm still going to share! :)

I participated at Red Shoe Ramblings and got some Deb aRt! I then followed instructions and sent out some Mimmsical Creations to other bloggers! :) I received my little piece of Deb aRt a couple or three weeks ago! I finally got it photographed to share! (a photo of a photo...) It is one of Deb's Daily Art Things - I love the photo!! I have to find a great spot to hang it now!! Thanks Deb!!

Last week, I got a very sweet surprise package in the mail from Melba! She made this great container for me! I have put it to use already! It is holding all of my bits of fibers, ribbons, yarn that I use in collages and ATCs! I didn't know I had so much - but it's full to the top!! :) (my photos don't do it justice - it is SO cute!)

And a surprise was inside the can as well!! I opened it up to find this wonderful string of feathery butterflies! I had a place to hang it in mind right away. My cats thought it looked like a very fun toy - Oscar tried to grab it from me. I hung it above my kitchen sink at the window! The photo also doesn't show off the butterflies as well as I'd like - they are the lightest blue and match my kitchen exactly! :)

What fun to receive surprises in the mail!! :) Mike is always "jealous" because I get all of the fun mail! Thank you Deb and Melba!!

5 Opinions:

Deb R said...

You're very welcome! Glad you liked. :-) Good Mail days are always extra fun!

Janet said...

Yay!! I love getting goodies in the mail. You did great. Love that photo from DebR....she's fantastic. And your container and the little butterflies are so sweet. I'm sure the kitties would just love to get them!!

melba said...

I am glad you liked everything!

holli said...

Oh - what fun fun mail!!!! That Melba is just the sweetest!!! I love those butterflies!! I want some!

And I loved my DebR fabric postcard.

I love getting fun mail. There's nothing better than surprises as an adult. Or a child - or a dog!

I hope you get my mug soon! It should be there by now!

I need to answer your email, but I have people hollering at me from downstairs. Will be back.


Sacred Suzie said...

More neat stuff in the mail and magical too! You lucky lady Tammy.