Migraines have me down

Posted by Tammy

I haven't posted since Friday because I've been struggling with migraines. I had one on Saturday - most of the day. It was low-grade, but just there... Sunday was a better day, but I felt a little off. Then yesterday morning, I woke up with a doozy of a migraine. I slept most of the day. By evening, it had backed off but I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

I'm feeling better today, but a little like I have a hangover... yuck! Do any of you deal with migraines? I've had them since I was 25. I've had tests, MRIs, tried 85 different meds, all with no luck in figuring out why, or stopping them. I go for spurts without them (like the last two months - none until this weekend). Then I have them often for a while... no warning or reasons it seems.

I know that my hormones play a role, and I do have some identified food triggers that I avoid. (peanuts, citrus fruit, red wine, and possibly bananas) Weather changes also trigger them for me... but living in Colorado, I can't do much about changing weather. It changes often and fast around here! 60 one minute, 20 the next is not atypical!

So... I'm here - trying to get back on track for this week. I do have a bit of art that I managed to make on Sunday. And I have some fun mail to share as well!! :) Photos and fun posts coming soon!

5 Opinions:

lila said...

Hope you are feeling better!
Looking forward to when you get the photos posted!

BlueJude said...

Chicken Soup Hugs! Feel Better Soon!

Pretty Lady said...

I hope you feel better real soon. Yes I think It is your weather. Take great care of yourself

melba said...

After I had Maggie I started getting migraines; especially right before my period. My GYN reccommended I go on seasonal birth control(because she thought it was my hormone levels being unbalanced) so I only get my period 4 times a year. It really helps. The month that I am going to get my period I get bad headaches andhave to take midol, but I don't have to lay down in a dark room like I use to.
When I get a regular head ache motrin works for me.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Tammy said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! And thanks for the input Melba! I have heard about seasonal - I haven't tried it. We tried eliminating my periods, but that hasn't worked. I'm on a BC that has estrogen even in the placebo week, but I'm still having the hormone swings - therefore migraines. I'll have to research the seasonal though!