More Valentine Art

Posted by Tammy

Between headaches this weekend, I finished up my ATCs for the Oh-so-charming Valentine Swap!
I am not a big fan of Valentine's day, but I had fun with these anyway! I think you'll remember that I had completed 4 last weekend. There was one that I just didn't like. So I made two more to replace the ugly one!

I really had fun with these two - they are way out there from what I normally do! I used stickers and brads and just had fun! The one on the left is the first one I did. It uses stickers and really fun brads. I have never done a card with brads before, so I had to figure a way to cover the back. I took a white card and trimmed it just slightly smaller (and used my fun edge scissors on it too) and glued it over the back so you can see the brad fastenings. I really like this one! It was fun to make and I like the end result too! (It's all about process for me now - having worried SO much about outcomes for so long - enjoying the process is HUGE!)

The one on the right uses this cool tag sticker. I wrote the letters with Sharpie (of course!) and added some other embellishments! It is pretty simple, but I like the overall effect. I'm very glad I joined this swap because I've stretched and tried new ways of making ATCs. It's good to branch out now and then! :)

I think I may even make a few more of these V-Day cards. I have enough heart thingys to last for 10 years now! :)

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Vedrana M. said...

these are great :)