Photo Thursday - Sustenance

Posted by Tammy

Well - if this didn't start just at the right time, I don't know what! I have a new camera. And as part of Melba's Create a Connection blog, the theme for Thursday's is "Photo Thursday"! Today's guest blogger is Krista from The Silent K. The theme she gave us to work with was "Sustenance".

As I was thinking about it today, I came up with several ideas of what sustenance means to me. (Sustain: to support, hold, or bear up)

At work, it means different things than at home. As I'm now carrying my new camera with me everywhere - I took a couple shots in my office.

This first photo (right) is the top of my filing cabinets. I have made myself a little altar of sorts - plants, stones, photos, etc. I have my copy of Cat Heaven with a photo of Lissy attached, given to me when she was euthanized, lots of jungly plants, photos (yes one of them is my pickles photo!) and stones, bits of shell, even a mini zen-garden. There is even a turtle that my dad made for me of bits of rock he found. (I collect turtles!) Having this stuff in my office makes my work environment a much happier place!

This second office photo (left) is a close up of one of my frames. It is a photo of my best friend, Andrea and her daughter Savannah. This one isn't a work related sustenance, but Andrea's friendship does sustain me! She means the world to me. We have been friends since about 1991. I wouldn't want to live without her! She is more a sister to me than "just" a friend. Her daughter even calls me Aunt Tammy!

The third office photo (below) is another close up of a frame - it is Mike and I on our trip to New York last year. Our relationship is great - it also sustains me. He supports me in ways I would have never expected! I love having this photo as a reminder. The orchid in the photo is a gift from Andrea. It bloomed for almost 2 months, and now it is getting new leaves!

Last, but not least, my Sharpies! Symbolizing creativity, art, the creating process. Now that is truly sustenance to me. I can tell when I have gone too long without creating now! I NEED to create!

4 Opinions:

Cynthia said...

Just found your blog and am so grateful to have the validation that Sharpies are a legitimate art medium!
My doodles look so similar to some of your ATCs ... lots of swirls.

Sharpies are indeed sustenance and I found a new set at BJ's wholesale club today with beautiful new colors!

whoo hoo!

Janet said...

Love your photos! Yay! Sharpies are cool.
I like how you've made the little alter-like area at work with all the things that have meaning for you....and give you sustenance.

Sacred Suzie said...

So much brings you sustenance Tammy, it's so important to feed that creative spirit and you're doing it. Rock on!

Jamie said...

What a great post! I love that you're surrounded by sustenance at work and at play! And clearly you get lots of sustenance from relationships and the people in your life hold great meaning to you. This is a fun journey!