Self Portrait Challenge - Resolutions

Posted by Tammy

I have thought about joining this Self Portrait Challenge in the past. But, now I have this new camera and I am going to do it! I was also challenged by fellow blogger BlueJude to join her in the challenge, so I'm gonna try!

I mentioned last week that I had new glasses. I have been trying to get some photos of me in my old glasses (below) and then my new ones. It was definitely a challenge to take good, non-blurry photos of myself! I realized in the process, that I had my first resolution for the SPC.

Old Glasses

Resolution - Week 1: Be less self-critical. Love the photos of myself. Don't criticize. Ok, that's three things - but basically, my resolution is to eliminate the negative self-talk that comes with photos of me. I know that many people dislike photos of themselves. I am one of them. But, I really like these pictures! They turned out pretty darn good! So this SPC challenge is a good thing for me! :)

New Glasses Pair 1 - purple frames - cat eye with lattice work corners

New Pair 1 close up

New Pair 2 - coppery color square

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BlueJude said...

I SEEEE YOU!! lol Yay! I'm so happy you're doing SPC> I too found it a bit challenging to take pics of myself, esp. since I'm not big on self photos. Should be an interesting journey. Like the new peepers!!

croberts said...

I LOVE your new purple glasses...they're really nice looking. And I think the SPC is a great idea. Also, most of us probably have negative about our own self-portraits. Good challenge!

Sacred Suzie said...

Tammy, I think those new glasses are wonderful, they really open up your face so we can SEE you more which is amazing! I have a hard time with the self-portraits too but it is important to just put yourself out there, literally. Way to go you gutsy fabulous woman!

Tanaya said...


Jamie said...

Hiya Tammy. I really like your new glasses. I especially like these pictures of you. I feel like I'm actually seeing you, you know?

And thanks so much for the enthusiasm about Try Day. I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you're going to take part!

BlueJude said...

Just to let you know...you've been book tagged! See my blog!
Oh and how retro is this song!! hehe

Tammy said...

I loved them and WELCOME to SPC!

krista said...

I like how your new glasses have no frame at the bottom.

holli said...

I hate pictures of myself too. But I will say that blogging and being forced to be in pictures with my daughter has gotten me over my fear of having my picture taken in public, and I'm getting used to seeing my long face. Although one blog ripped me to shreds and it brought some of that back - I'm still better than I used to be.

I think the pics are great!!! And I LOVE THE GLASSES.

This is my second blog with a post about glasses. Must be something in the water.

Wait - I was here for a reason.

I have to run an errand and then I shall return. You may be my mug match?