Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Episode :: of Lost - our current addiction - we are only in season 1 though - so don't give anything away!!
  2. Source :: of the Transmission... see above about Lost
  3. Jerk :: Meanie
  4. Introduce :: Myself
  5. Ralph :: Stanley (bluegrass musician - see more about him here)
  6. Stare :: into space
  7. Cast :: of Dreamgirls - amazing film!! Jennifer Hudson deserves to win the Globe tonight and I hope she is nominated for an Oscar! Phenomenal!
  8. Scenario :: Lay it out
  9. Flu :: Blech!
  10. Mad :: Hatter


2 Opinions:

Janet said...

That looks like fun! I think I'll try it for tomorrow.

My daughter and I are addicted to Lost! She loves Locke and I love the Bad Boys - Sayid, Sawyer, and Jin!!

Tammy said...

I think Sayid is my favorite so far!! And I just love John Locke's character -Terry O'Quinn that plays him is a fantastic actor!!