Unconscious Mutterings

Posted by Tammy

  1. Limit :: Sky is the....
  2. Voice :: Lessons - I miss singing - I used to sing in a choir in high school. I should do that again!
  3. Change :: is a good thing!
  4. Expression :: Artistic
  5. Tailor :: made
  6. Lemonade :: Pink
  7. Thought :: for the day
  8. Phoebe :: from Friends - a very funny character (although I never watched the show that often - she was always funny!)
  9. Impression :: Make a good...
  10. Sister :: Connie, Rhonda, Vicki, and Mary - all my "real" sisters. Andrea - my best friend and "sister"!


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ceanandjen said...

Goodness, I am away from my bloggie world for a week and there is something new and wonderful that I have never heard of...I loved this, and I'll bet it was great fun to do! :-)