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Posted by Tammy

I am guest hosting Photo Thursdays this month over at the Create a Connection blog. As today is the first February of the month, my first post is up!!
My first idea for Photo Thursday is Laughter. I have read on so many blogs about people trying to find more joy this year. Well, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Photos for today should be things that make you laugh!!
I actually took a look back through my school years scrapbook. I found a few photos that made me smile, if not actually laugh out loud!

This first one is of me (right) - on my first day of Kindergarten. I chose this one, even though it's not a "funny" photo per se, because it makes me happy - I was so darn cute as a kid (if I do say so myself!) I have always love this photo!!

I was so eager to start school - I remember that. I could read already and was just so excited to learn more! Looking at myself as this little girl - cute plaid skirt and knobbly knees (and uneven socks), just makes me laugh! I think I needed a reminder of how it was as a kid. I was happy-go-lucky and playful! I need to remember that now as an adult - to add some of that childlike enthusiasm and energy to my days!

The next photo I found was one from my high school days. Now, this one makes me laugh out loud for sure. I am dressed in my costume for the play "The Miracle Worker". I played Aunt Ev - Helen Keller's great-aunt. I look so disgruntled in the photo. And I probably was - my costume was hot, the wig was just horrible, and I couldn't master the southern accent very well. Thankfully for everyone I only had a few lines to learn in the accent! One of the more memorable ones had to do with "pulling my lower extremities"... try saying that with a southern accent! I loved this show and did have SO much fun (as always) but was apparently quite miffed for this photo.

I found another photo that I fondly remember and laugh about! It is from a play rehearsal Saturday and is of my friend Nicole and I. Rehearsal Saturdays were grueling 12 or 14 hour days. Nicole and I had found time to snuggle up together and someone snapped this fun shot of us! I love the picture. We were such great friends and I'm sad that we've lost touch over the years. But looking at photos brings me a lot of joy!

This last one from my scrapbook is of my friend, Andrea. We didn't go to school together, but we met during our Junior year in high school. She is still my best friend and continually makes me laugh! This picture was taken on my 18th birthday. A group of us had gone to Casa Bonita to celebrate. Andrea is a very small person, but not quite small enough for this kiddie ride - she got herself all crammed in there and I documented it! I'm positive that we were laughing hysterically the whole time. It doesn't take much to set us off laughing! While we are canning, making pickles, the little pings we hear from our jars sealing usually gets us going!

So, for my own Photo Thursday idea, I took myself on a stroll down memory lane! What fun!! I can't wait to see what all of you come up with for laughter!! Go on over to Create a Connection and leave your comment on the Photo Thursday post for today if you post your fun pictures!!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Great photos Tammy, I can see and hear the joy and laughter in them, how wonderful! I don't think I have a picture for this challenge, I don't have a lot of me laughing unfortunately. I will try to participate next week for sure!

Jes said...

oh what fun!!! You've made me want to dig out my old photos from the attic now!



Jamie said...

Congratulations on hosting at CaC Tammy! It was such a treat to see your name up there :)

I love the topic. I'll probably miss posting myself (what a drag) because I'm out celebrating. But I'm totally enjoying looking at people's responses. What a joyful exploration. Yours made me smile throughout. The kindergarten one is just TOO CUTE!

firstborn said...

hi tammy!

this was a great topic!

love the pix! looking forward to seeing what you come up with for next week!

xo, mary ann

holli said...

What fun cute photos. I feel like I could use a little more laughter right now. That is for sure. I heart the kindergarten pic - I love seeing everyone when they were little!!

melba said...

So fun to see your photos. great topic!!!

miss*R said...

great photos! I think we all need to get in touch with that little girl inside each of us. the one who can draw, paint, skip & laugh!

Potato Print said...

Hi Tammy,
I didn't know you were hosting at CaC. "Laughter" is a wonderful topic. I'll look forward to poking around and seeing people's photos. I already sense that your topic will help me generate laughter in my VERY serious workplace.