My Dreamboard - Imagine

Posted by Tammy

Creating a dreamboard has been an interesting process for me. I haven't watched The Secret yet, but I took a class with Artella about making a dreamboard - which I understand to be similar to the vision board in The Secret.

The process I used for myself was intuitive. I chose images that I was drawn to, not necessarily images that represented a specific dream. I don't know if that is the exact way I was supposed to do it, but it has worked for me so far. This collage came together quite quickly. I pulled 90% of the images and words in the first time I sat down to work on it. I only found one or two more when I sat down to put it together. To me that suggests that I did it right (for me!!).

I think this has been more about the process than the actual board itself. For many years, I couldn't create anything because I was so worried about the outcome that it wasn't worth the process (in my mind). I just got too keyed up. Once I finally figured out that I NEEDED to be creative, I went to art therapy (which I've talked about before). I finally saw that I was bottling it all up, and I got it unlocked! Now, the process of creation is more fun than the end result, and I don't worry so much! (only in the context of art that is... I still worry too much about other stuff!)

Below is a shot of the whole board. There is some glare so some of the images didn't come through as well as I'd like. I may try again and switch photos - we'll see! Following the whole board, I cut out clips so you can see some of the words better and the images attached! I don't know what all of these things represent. I noticed there are a lot of flowers on my board - I at one time wanted to be a florist. I've done the flowers for three weddings. Maybe that dream is still there in some capacity... or maybe I just wish Mike would send me flowers now and then! :) I'll keep you posted on how this board works for me.

6 Opinions:

Star said...

Yay for you! I like how some of your images have torn edges (a lesson to me that I am still a control freak!). And I love the background piece behind the "sexy" body; it reminds me of embroidered lace and really complements the image on top.

Thanks for sharing this here.

Deb R said...

I keep thinking I should do one of these. I loved seeing yours!

Suzie said...

I see strength, sensuality and romance here, not to mention a ton of creativity Tammy! What an even more powerful woman you're going to be.

Janet said...

I need to get busy and make one of these. I like all your images and especially the words "artist in residence"....very true.

Ruth said...

Good job Tammy !!! I really liked the WIP version too...gives the illusion of a sacred ceremony.

melba said...

I love your board. I know what you mean about the process of getting started is the most important step. Sometimes I worry too much about the outcome of a piece; it is usually on stuff just for fun for me that I have the most trouble starting.