It's Wednesday! Time for Getting to Know You day at Create a Connection. This month is guest-hosted by Jana. (FYI - I'll be guest-hosting Getting to Know You in April!)

Jana's questions for today (and my answers!):

YOU choose what to tell me:
List 3 random facts about you, that we will be entertained by:

1. My family nickname for me when I was a kid was Nard. I'm not sure how it worked it's way to me, but my cousin Dan was Nard first. (My uncle's name is Leonard, so I'm thinking that's how it started...) My sister Mary and brother Tom still call me Nard on occasion. It's always preceeded with a very long and obnoxious "Eeeeeee!"

2. I worked in a Hallmark store for about 7 years. I started right after graduating from high school. I went in to buy thank you notes, and the owner hired me! I loved it overall. I collected the ornaments obsessively while there. I don't buy them ever anymore. I have a huge collection that I'm thinking of putting up on Ebay. I don't decorate for Christmas anymore!

3. I was in every play or musical that my school put on from eighth grade through my senior year. I had a lead role only once though. I loved theatre and miss it now! Among the roles I played were Joanna in Huckleberry Finn, Dr. Gibbs in Our Town (a lead role - yes, a man... the guy dropped out at the last minute and I was able to step in and do a pretty convincing job!), and Aunt Ev in the Miracle Worker.

List 2 things about you, that are important for us to know:

1. I have a lot of phobias. Most of the time they are under control pretty well. But occasionally, I have a panic attack. Thunder is a big fear... very silly, but very real! I am also claustrophobic - closed in spaces are hard, but the worst is when I'm in a crowd with no clear way to an exit! Yikes!

2. I am seriously addicted to fizzy water. (ok, maybe this belongs under the random stuff category!) I rarely drink still water because I like bubbles better! I am careful to buy fizzy water that doesn't have any additives like sodium! My favorite is Canada Dry soda - usually either cranberry lime or raspberry flavor.

ME! My turn to ask questions!

Do you like board games? What are some favorites?

I love games. My mom and I play Scrabble via email. I recently scored 118 points in one play - I used an existing Y and played "Jealous" - it landed on two double word score tiles! Pshew!!

What are your non-artistic hobbies?

I love movies. I don't see as many as I used to because Mike isn't a big movie fan, but I still love them! I read a lot too. Oh, yeah, World of Warcraft...

Do you collect anything?

Cats... just kidding! I collect Turtle stuff. I can't even remember how it started now.

And now, our Creativity:

What types of art do you enjoy creating the most?

This changes! Right now, I'm liking collage again. I love Sharpies. ATCs work great because they are small and I finish and can move on to something new quickly!

Do you have a type of art that you've always wanted to try, but never done? What is it?

Hmmm... I've tried so much. I love pottery, but I know I can't do it. I cannot handle the feel of the clay on my hands... Yuck! I like watercolor, but not creating it.

Do you have any art "how to" sites that you would recommend to us? What are they?

I don't really have any "how to" sites that I frequent. When I'm trying something out, I just use google to see what I can find!!

5 Opinions:

Cynthia said...

oooh, I love movies too but I consider them part of my artistic journey. I just can't think of anything I do that isn't.

Good answers

Arty Lady's blog said...

wonderful answers

Jana B said...

OMW!!! Tammy! You will not believe what I dreamed about last night!!!!!!!!!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!! Me and some guy I knew from high school were playing it at the library!

Do you think the dream was a sign? LOL

I never thought about clay feeling icky on my hands... hmm... *rethinking my desire to learn pottery* LOL

Deb R said...

I really enjoyed reading your meme answers!

It was fun to see your SPC and Photo Thursday posts too. (Playing blog catch-up...heh)

Tammy said...

Hi Tammy, you should try out for local theater. We go quite often and they're fun!

Movies...yes! Panic attacks can be really bad but I'm with you on small spaces.

I love bubbles in my drinks too, try Juice Sqeezes...yummy

Mine are finally up!