Fun Mail!!!

Posted by Tammy

Well, Suzie sent these pendants out to me a month ago! We were both very worried that they had been lost in the postal void... However, they did arrive on the first day of Spring!! Lovely day for fun mail!!

Suzie made these pendants for me. She made them as a tribute to Yemaya who is an African goddess of the sea. I long to be near the ocean, and this was her way of bringing it to me!! I LOVE them!! I can't wait to pull out my beading supplies and see about making necklaces for them to live on! YAY!

Thank you Suzie for making these inspired pendants especially for me. I'll think of you each time I wear one!

4 Opinions:

SiouxSue said...

Very nice! I love the pendants.

Sacred Suzie said...

Yay Tammy! I am so glad they finally arrived and that you're happy with them. I can't wait to see what necklaces you make with them.

Jamie said...

What amazing pendants! I remember when Suzie put them up on her blog. I didn't know they were for you. I'm so glad that they found their way home :)

Autumn said...

I followed these beautiful pendants over from Suzies blog. I like them both a lot but especially love the one with the blue and green goddess on the seashell. I know you will treasure both of these. I will be back to read some more of your post