Photo Thursday: Me at my computer

Posted by Tammy

Photo Thursday time! Swampgrrl is hosting this month at Create a Connection. Today she said:

"Hello you beautiful people. I know you are there because I read and treasure your words, but I can't see you.

I want to see you!

Your photo assignment for this week is to take a photo of yourself at your computer. Post it on your blog and link it back here."

OK - this is me! I'm at my work computer. You can see my computer screen in the background. I have my dreamboard as my background! A good reminder! And you can see my fun art and "stuff" in the background - my magic wand! It was a gift from my co-worker, Dana! :) (You can see this larger at flickr)

8 Opinions:

Jamie said...

What a great idea for Photo Thursday. It's wonderful to see you in your natural habitat :)

nyjlm said...

love it- everyone needs a magic wand!

Vedrana M. said...

nice photo, it's great to see you :)

swampgrrl said...

oh, hello there, you beautiful goddess!

BlueJude said...

Love the magic wand! OH and my dreamboard is right behind me. Hopefully I'll get my pic up tomorrow! Happy day to you Ms. T!

Jessie said...

Yay!! You have a magic wand!! :) What sorts of things do you use it for? heehee! I love this photo!

hollibobolli said...

I loved this. I like seeing where people are when they're leaving their greetings.

Dreamboard - ooooh and aaaaaah.

Faith would have that magic wand in her hand lickity split - and then she would probably bash poor Nate in the face.

melba said...

Some great posts!

I love the pendants Suzie sent you.

Your answers to CaC questions were interesting...

and I love seeing you at your desk!

Hope you are having a great day!