Fun Mail - Swap Goodies!!

Posted by Tammy

My blog friend Mary Ann is the queen of swaps!! She hosted a fabulous Valentine ATC Swap that I participated in! What FUN that was!!

Well, she's at it again and I participated, of course!! This one is the "You're my cuppa tea party and swap"! :) The deal is - we will all have tea "together" by taking creative photos of our own tea parties to share. We were also paired up to do a small swap!

I had fun putting together the journal and package for my tea partner, Tanaya! But, as fate would have it, my partner who was supposed to send to me didn't come through, so the amazing, wonderful Mary Ann sent me a package of goodies instead!!

Well, she is awesome - what a FUN package I received!! Not only did I receive TEA, but she made a lovely collage, sent some fun lotion and lip gloss and other goodies!! She even decorated the package with tea stamps and bright paper!!

Now... I have to figure out my own tea party for this Friday so I can get my photos posted and participate in this virtual tea party gathering!! I'll post them here so you can all participate via me! :)

3 Opinions:

lila said...

What fun to receive mail!!! I like the collages.

firstborn said...

hi tammy,

i hope this goes through 'cuz blogger is so tempermental...

i'm soooooooooo happy to have been your swap sub! i thoroughly enjoyed making the collage & putting this package together for you!!! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

mary ann xo

Melba said...

I love getting mail too!
I also have had a partner for one of the CaC swaps that never sent to me. It is difficult to know what to do/say when that happens.

I am glad Mary ann came through for you.