Happy Grumpy Boy

Posted by Tammy

Oscar was a happy boy on Sunday!! It was a warm, sunny day (in spite of forecaster's predicting huge amounts of snow... we got none!)

So - I told Oscar he could go outside and eat grass for a little while. This is his favorite thing in the world to do!! He has always been an inside cat, but I have always taken him out now and then for treats. He gets SO excited! I put a harness and leash on him. He won't walk on the leash, but it allows me to keep control of him and prevent him running away. I don't know that he actually would run, because he's quite focused on his grass munching!

He purred the whole time we were out. And enjoyed himself immensely. He complained loudly when I took him inside. But, the typically grumpy boy was SO happy the rest of the day! :) (Ignore the lawn... it needs some work!)

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Tammy said...

Yayy Oscar! Purdy kitty!