My little contest hasn't worked out quite as well as I would have liked!! I only had one name in the pot by my specified time, so she is receiving the two things she asked for.

Darcy - BlueJude - is going to receive the markers and the Artist's Way kit.

Shannon was the next to put her name in, so once I hear from her, I'll send her the Woman's Comfort book if she wants it.

If Shannon chooses not to receive the book, it will go to the last person to put her name in the pot - Holly!!

I'll get this all figured out - I'll do another giveaway soon - probably in a couple weeks! Watch for the next installment of WYSIWYG Wednesday!

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Jana B said...

*gasp* I missed a chance to win the Artists Way Creativity Kit?????

I'm never going to miss reading your blog again.



Have a great weekend girly!