Self Portrait Challenge AND Photo Thursday

Posted by Tammy

I thought I would "kill two birds" with this post! Deb is hosting Photo Thursday's over at Create a Connection this month. Her prompt last Thursday was "Give me a Hand" ... As I'm late in posting, I thought I would combine posts and these are for the Self Portrait Challenge as well!

I love hands - my own included. Hands are the first thing I notice about a person. You can just tell a lot by looking at hands. My hands aren't manicured. They wear a lot of rings most days. (always three - sometimes more!) My nails are short. There are a few scars hanging around. There are freckles... of course! My fingers are long... and my skin is starting to show more wrinkles than I had even noticed!

This is my right hand. I am right hand dominant. I do everything with my right - write, draw, cut, eat, etc. I wear two rings always... my middle silver ring, and my ring finger emerald. I bought the emerald for myself about 7 years ago. I love it still! I have several small scars on my thumb. They don't show up very prominently though. A close-up of my emerald is below.

My left hand wears rings too. It has more prominent scars. You can see the burn scar near my wrist. I burned it taking a pizza out of the oven. I thought it would fade, but it hasn't. The new, pink scar on my thumb will probably fade. It was a blister from doing yard work about three weeks ago.

On my middle finger is a puzzle ring. I had my Uncle Stanley fuse it together because it kept coming apart and was hard to get back together! The ring on my pinky belonged to my Aunt Charlene. When she died, Uncle Stanley gave me a choice of her rings. I chose this one because it was one he had made for her. My hands look a lot like Aunt Charlene's. She loved rings too! When I wear this one, I am reminded of her! Her ring is below close-up.

I love my hands! They allow me to create, play the piano, play games, etc. They are strong, and the scars they have just give them personality! I even love my freckles!

3 Opinions:

Sacred Suzie said...

You have wonderful and expressive hands Tammy! They have such interesting stories to tell. Just like you!

hollibobolli said...

I love your colorful rings, especially the orange one. I actually love freckles too - even though people are always warning me against getting more when I'm out in the sun.

My hands are all beat up too.. but I just can't keep up a manicure. I'll do one sometimes for a special event but it only lasts about a day before my nails are chipped. Unless it's a polish I want off and then it's impossible to get off.

You know I like the history behind scars - I liked reading about yours.


Janet said...

Your rings are beautiful. I've always noticed hands, too and I used to wear a lot of rings. Now it's only my wedding band. I don't even wear my engagement ring anymore because it bugs me. I agree with you that hands allow us to do all kinds of fun things....and I don't even mind my wrinkles!!