Getting to Know You - Childhood Memories

Posted by Tammy

Well! I posted my guest-host Getting to Know You questions for this week over at Create a Connection VERY early this morning... BUT, I haven't had a chance to answer my own questions until now!!

This week I want to know about Childhood Memories!

Here goes:

1. What was your favorite childhood family vacation? Where did you go and what do you remember most about the trip? (this doesn't have to be a big trip... even a camping trip - or whatever you remember!)

We travelled a lot when I was a kid. We have family in northern California, so we went there often. I remember a trip along the coastline of California when I was quite young - maybe 6. My Aunt Melba and I were in the back of the pickup on a matress (safe, I know!) and I remember being so scared because of the drop-off to the ocean.

I also remember a trip to South Dakota when I was about 10 or so. We went with friends in a big van. I read most of the trip so I don't really remember the sites... But I do remember going to Wall Drug ... and the jackalopes!

2. If you knew your grandparents, what do you remember most about them as a child? If you didn't know them, what stories do you remember being told about them?

I was lucky enough to know both maternal and paternal grandparents. I didn't know my mom's family nearly as well as my dad's though.

I miss Grandmother and Grandaddy very much. My Grandaddy raised angel fish. I remember the way their house smelled - not unpleasant, but very much like an aquarium shop. There were something like 22 tanks in their tiny trailer house. He sold these gorgeous fish to pet shops in town.

Grandmother always had cookies made. Her rice krispie treats are legendary. I cannot make them taste like hers no matter what I do! They were SOOO good! I remember spending nights over there as a kid - I loved staying with them. I got to watch TV - a big deal as we didn't have a TV!

Grandaddy always sent flowers home with me when I left. He had gardens with marigolds and snapdragons. He would pick a few, wrap them in a wet paper towel and then put them in a plastic baggy for me. Even just writing this is making me tear up! They both passed away in 2001. Grandmother in February, and Grandaddy exactly 12 weeks later. I miss them both very much.

3. Do you have siblings or not? What do you remember about growing up with or without them?

Do I have siblings?!? I have seven siblings. I am the youngest of the bunch. The next closest in age to me is 15 years older than me... so growing up was a little weird. I had all these sibs, but none of them were at home. It was a bit like being an only child! In many ways, I was treated more like one of my siblings children... I was closer in age to my nieces/nephews than brothers and sisters! (My nephew Tracy is only 6 days younger than me).

Now, all of my siblings are married. All of them have children... And their children have children. I have 13 nieces/nephews. And I have 7 great-nieces/nephews and one more on the way... Yikes!

4. What did you like best about summer vacation from school?

I loved school - I looked forward to going back in the fall... but, I loved summers! I spent every moment I could at the city swimming pool. It was only 1/2 a block from my house. I would get there the moment they opened... run home for lunch, then go back and stay until they closed! I think this is why I have so many freckles... sun damage! I LOVED to swim.

5. Did you like school or dislike school? What is your most memorable school moment?

I LOVED it! :) I was a great student (if I do say so myself) and I excelled in school. I could read before starting kindergarten. I have several memorable moments!

One came in fifth grade when I was allowed to compete in the district spelling bee. Not very many fifth graders did - I was only one of 2-3... not only did I compete, I won! Over all of the older kids. I got to go on to the regional spelling bee. I didn't make it into the oral part of that competition... It was sure fun though!

The other most memorable school moment was in 8th grade. I was cast as one of the two female leads in our musical, Huckleberry Finn. I had to kiss Tom Sawyer on the cheek at one point in the show. Well... on the last day of rehearsal before the show opened, we were at that point in the show... Everyone in the show was there and watching! I leaned over to kiss Philip, the boy playing Tom, and at that moment, he turned his head toward me and I kissed him right on the mouth! How embarassing!!! Throughout the rest of my school years - that moment would come up often - whenever we were reminiscing, etc... Sheesh! :)

Bonus: Post a favorite photo of yourself from your childhood!! (I'll get mine up for you all to see later in the day too!)

I will do some digging and post a photo later! I have to find them!! :)

5 Opinions:

Janet said...

Can you imagine riding in the back of a pickup these days? They'd probably put the driver in jail!! I did the same thing with my kids!

I didn't know you had seven siblings! You must have great family get-togethers!

All your answers were interesting and brought back memories for me. I'll be watching for that school picture!

lisa said...

I think seeing the California coastline that way would be gorgeous, if not safe. ;-)

I was close with my grandparents too. Gardening and cookies were staples of life with them.

I guess long gone are the days where children went out in the morning and only returned for food and darkness. I'd be worried to death about my son. Sad, isn't it?

What wonderful questions you've come up with this week. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. :-)

charlotte said...

What sweet memories of your grandparents! Thanks so much for this list of questions...it was sweet remembering.....

holly said...

Great challenge Tammy. It brought back lots of great memories for me too. Made me miss my Nan though, nobody loves you like grandparents do.

Jone said...

Thanks for visiting me. I can't imagine the mattress and the back of a truck.