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Posted by Tammy

Well, this has been a rather grumpy, tired week for me. I don't know why exactly... I was sick on Wednesday, not horribly so, just feeling very off and yucky. I'm still very tired and "off"... I wish I knew why so I could fix it!!

Mike asked me this morning what I wanted to do this weekend. My answer? Nothing! I want a very low-key weekend. But, I also want to plant flowers! I think I'll wait one more weekend for that. It is supposed to be warming up here, so one more week will be better for the flowers!

I thought since I have nothing exciting to share, I would post some photos that I took earlier this week. We had a little hail storm come through our neighborhood. It didn't do much damage, but it did knock some of the blooms off of the neighboring trees! The sidewalks looked so pretty absolutely covered with blooms. Here are some of the photos! :) Here's to a less grumpy weekend and next week!

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Melba said...

I love the pink flowers.
Doing nothing sounds good to me!
I need to relax more and justBe!

Have a lovely weekend:)

Jill said...

Wow - I love those blossoms! Betcha' don't like tracking 'em inside the house though, huh?
The colors in the second picture has inspired me to crochet something in that color scheme. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Great Goddess look at all those pink petals! Her presence can definitely be seen around you. I was curious Tammy, are you still thinking of moving?

BlueJude said...

I've been in a kind of weird funk myself. Hopefully some gardening will cheer us both up!
Happy Monday anyhooo!

hollibobolli said...

I absolutely love the path of petals.. it's like someone set them out to be romantic!!

That Mike - he's just wonderful!!!

Jamie said...

Oh, pretty, pretty. I grew up on a neighbourhood where those beautiful pink blooms sang, 'Spring is here!" What a treat. I hope they help dispel the grumpies.

~jolene said...

Hey Tammy, hope the funky fog has lifted.

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Take Care!