What a Surprise!!!

Posted by Tammy

Mike showed up at my office today bearing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me!! What a guy! He hasn't done flowers very often, so this was a true surprise. And for no reason (that I know of anyway!) I was grumpy this morning, so maybe it was just a cheer me up kind of thing!

He even remembered a conversation we had with his friend Jeff and his now-wife Serena (it was their wedding we were there to attend)... Serena and I were talking about flowers and how girls just love to get them. We mentioned favorites - mine are Stargazers - and he remembered that!! Yay! :) Here are pictures - I wish I could transfer smells too - the lilies are great!!

***Edited to add: Mike had one more surprise for me! He gave me Gift Certificates to my very favorite nursery here in town to buy flowers for our garden!! Yay! It's a bit early yet to plant, but in about three weeks, I'll go spend my fun money and get some great stuff!!

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beautiful flowers!!!!
take good care of the flower garden quilts! they take a long time to make!