Getting to Know You Wednesday

Posted by Tammy

Paintergirl is guest-hosting Getting to Know You Wednesday's this month over at Create a Connection.

Today she wants to know:

"If someone from your local community college approached you about teaching a class, would you do it? What subject? Would there be field trips? What books would be required reading? Any guest lecturers?"

I don't know if I would do it or not... I am not a teacher (at least I don't think I am!)

OK - now don't laugh at me here, but this is something Mike and I have actually talked about... We play World of Warcraft (rather obsessively actually)... and we have quite a lot of success using the in-game auction house to earn gold for our characters.

We have talked amongst ourselves (my inner Linda Richman just came out there...) and we truly could teach an economics class using the in-game economy of World of Warcraft! The fine art of under-cutting your OWN price is all over the place!

There would definitely be in-game demonstrations! Screen shots to demonstrate our point... and of course, everyone in the class would receive free 2-week passes from Blizzard so they could create their own characters - and we could pass our addiction on to others!

Field trips would need to be in-game - so travels to Outland, Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar - all would be on the agenda - no nightelf, gnome, troll, or orc would be left out! Our guest lecturers would include Banesidhe {ban-shee} (my level 52 Night Elf Druid - an auction house expert, alchemist, herbalist, and all around nice elf), Demondim (Mike's level 56 Troll Mage - also an auction house expert, alchemist, herbalist... good thing we're not on the same side here!!) and Daoinesidhe {theena-shee} (my level 66 Gnome Mage - an expert in gathering and selling!)

No books required! Just a computer, and a wide imagination!

OK... bit of silliness over! That was fun! :)

9 Opinions:

Ki said...

Rock On!

Hands on teaching is always the best.

holly said...

silly is good! I got your package today, you lovely girl you!!! I'm so happy to get new markers! They'll go perfectly with my new journal!!!

Jone said...

I am such a dork! I trashed the email with your address. Could you please re-send?
macrush53atyahoodotcom. Thank you.

Potato Print said...

Hello Tammy
Here's a quick note to say that I'm back in Blogland. It's nice to see your characteristic upbeat posts. I'm glad to see that you continue to have fun with your art, your Mike, the CaC, and your markers.

Jamie said...

Brilliant! The auction house and stuff just never made any sense to me at all! I would be one of those total newbs you'd be teaching! Though I've retired from MMoRPgs, at least for now. I had a night elf druid too :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm glad it's so much fun! I know people who are thoroughly addicted to this game and love it whole heartedly. You are definitely not alone!

Shannon said...

Brilliant Idea!!!! I would so sign up! It's a fascinating system, isn't it? So many things to to discuss.. time of day to post auctions, to use buy out or not, overstaturate market & undercutting, rare items vs common, go for the gold with high level crafted items or sell the mats, server specific needs.... the topics are endless!

Tammy said...

Thanks for all the comments!! I hesitated on writing this post, but decided to do it since WoW is a big part of my life!! :) I never thought I'd be a computer game "geek"!

There are so many aspects Shannon! I'd love to do a "study", but that would just be over the top geeky! However, I did just recently change servers - boy have I noticed a huge difference! My booming potion business isn't booming anymore!! Yikes!

Shannon said...

hehe, I never thought I would consider myself a gaming geek but I so am!!

Server change, eh? Wow... they really do have different economies. I find that is really the case with the stat enchancers like potions and food. Some places I couldn't sell stat food to save my life, others just snap it up! (I love fishing... and some of the Outlands fish are insane).

Okies, geek mode turned off .. hehe.