It's a new month - a new host for Getting to Know You Day at Create a Connection. Charlotte of casa de Charlotte della luna is hosting in June! She has asked us to contemplate our Past, Present, and Future. Here is what she wants to know!

"June 2007!!! Can you believe it? Time passes so quickly, Our lives are so full of family, work and community activities that the days fly by in a blur sometimes. Now and then I stop to think about where I am in life,where I've been and where I want to go.
So these questions are geared toward the past 2 decades, the present and the future. Share your life with us!"

Where were you in 1987? In school? Working? Single? Married? Attached? What was important to you? What were you doing creatively? Tell us a bit about your life then.

In 1987, I was 13 years old and in Middle School in Windsor, Colorado. As a teenager, I was pretty quiet, and very introverted. I was geeky, and a bookworm! I was in seventh grade. I think this was the year that I almost died from appendicitis. (I'll have to check for sure) It was the fourth quarter of school - I missed almost all of it because I was so sick.

My family doctor diagnosed my illness as a kidney infection, so I spent several very miserable days writhing in pain at home before my folks finally took me to the ER. I waited in the ER for hours for a room, and while waiting, my appendix ruptured. I had three subsequent surgeries because of it - and spent over 2 weeks in the hospital. I have a horrible scar on my stomach because of this as well. I wish my folks had sued the doctor who did the surgeries because he didn't take proper care of me. I remember my time in the hospital - loads of visitors and cards. I don't really remember much else - my mom tells me it was absolutely horrible - I was so sick.

Where were you in 1997? What would you like to share about the nineties?

In 1997, I was living in my little house in Fort Collins. I was working at Barnes and Noble also in Fort Collins. During that year, I was the cafe manager for about 6 months. That was my least favorite position I held at B&N. It was the closest I came to working food service. I liked the interviewing/hiring part. I also really loved tracking inventory and making improvements to the cafe. A lot of the things I worked for during my time as manager have happened now! It's fun to go in there and know that I had a hand in that little cafe!

I also worked as the music manager for a short time. I loved this section. I learned a lot about music, acquired a lot of CDs for my collection, and enjoyed my employees very much! I also did the main schedule for the whole store. I LOVED this part of my job. It was challenging - I had somewhere around 80 employees to schedule for books, music, cafe, receiving, and management. 14 hours a day, 7 days a week! And this grew to around 120 employees during the holidays!! I also helped with the interview/hiring process for books, music and cafe. I learned SO much during this time!

The only reason I left B&N was because I was passed over for what I felt was a deserved promotion to assistant store manager. They hired someone older... she only lasted 6 months! They should have hired me! I would have stayed longer, but they didn't, so they lost me altogether. I don't regret moving on though! I was in my 20s during the 90s. I did so much changing during this time. I really learned who I was and started being the real me! Being given so much responsibility at B&N at such a young age (21 when I started in 1995) was a very good boost for my self-esteem. I met a wonderful, diverse group of people. Very good times!!

Where did you plan to be or think you'd be in 2007? Have your realized your goals? What is one thing about your present life you love and one you'd like to change?

I have never been terribly goal oriented. I did start back to school somewhere around 1998 or so though. I went at night, and achieved my bachelor's degree in 2003! I never knew for sure what I was going to do with my degree... I always thought I'd like to own or manage a small retail store. I am using my degree now though - working in my current job in small business. I learned web design along the way and I LOVE that part of my job.

I never planned that I would be married with children or anything like that... I'm happy that I met Mike though, and we are happy together. 2007 may bring one of the biggest changes in my life - a major move. I've lived within 15 miles of where I grew up my whole life! If Mike gets a new job somewhere else (North Carolina or otherwise) we'll be moving somewhere across country from Colorado!

I've always wanted to live near the ocean - so maybe 2007 will bring that dream to fruition. I really do love my present life. I'm quite happy most of the time. My job is very good overall, mostly low stress. Mike is wonderful, and we have a happy little home!

The only thing I can think that I would change right now is my debt load. Going back to school created huge student loan debt. I am working toward paying this off now. My car is paid off as of a couple months ago, and my credit card debt is slowly being paid off as well. Mike has helped me get my finances back in shape - or at least back on track to being in shape!

How do you see your life in 2017? Do you have any goals or dreams for your future?

It's hard to imagine ten years from now actually. I'm having a hard time imagining tomorrow! :) There are no kiddies in my future - hopefully it will still be Mike and I and cats. (Maybe not quite as many cats as we have now though - five is too many!)

As far as work - I would love to be self-employed doing something creative. Making art to make a living sounds great to me! I've been considering this for some time - and thinking of starting out small on or something like that. I'd love to not have to work a 40 hour job in the future!

5 Opinions:

Janet said...

What a fun meme....I might do this one. I could relate to you leaving when you were passed over for a promotion. Same thing happened to me only it was because they gave it to a guy rather than me. I couldn't prove sexual discrimination but that's exactly what it was.

I think etsy would be great for you. Just jump in there and do it!!

PS - I'm so envious of you going to see Harry Connick Jr. He's just yummy! Enjoy!!

charlotte said...

Girl! Your enthusiasm is great! I so loved reading your answers!

I really admire your going back to school...wish I'd had that discipline back in the day.

Hey! I don't know what your husband does for a living, but consider New Orleans for a move south...we would welcome such great people to come and contribute to rebuilding our great city~~

Hope to see ya next Wednesday!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I used to think that working at B&N would be so great. I'd love to have all of those books around me, but I'd want to read, not work. ;-)

I agree that not working a typical 40 hour a week job would be great!

Sacred Suzie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your health woes in your teens, that's awful! I'm so glad you recovered from that. I also worked at bookstores (many) and am so happy that's how I paid my way through university, a great job but I never had that kind of responsibility, I can't imagine at that age being in charge of all those people. I believe in you Tammy, keep going with the art!

Melba said...

What fun reading about your past, present and future...except the kidney part...I had bladder problems in my early twenties.Not Fun!